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Our herbs and spices are imported whole and dried and then milled and processed on our premises.


Raw Materials

Raw spices come from the bark, buds, fruit, roots, seeds or stems of various plants or trees. We provide you with these spices in three forms - whole, crushed and powdered. Our Raw Spices are carefully selected from around the world and are made available to you the PURE AND NATURAL WAY.

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MSG Free products

Our MSG-free Spice mixes are all natural and contain no preservatives or additives, offering you all the flavours and aromas as nature intended. All our Spice mixes are created from our raw imported products that are milled and blended at our factory. We also offer our clients the opportunity to create their own signature spice blends.

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A herb is the leafy green or flowering part of a plant. When herbs are dried, their flavour becomes more concentrated, which means a tablespoon of a dried herb tastes much stronger than a tablespoon of a fresh herb. We offer a wide range of carefully dried herbs that are supplied in various forms, such as whole, cut or powdered.

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Product mixes with msg

Our range of MSG Mixes offers an economical solution to your bulk purchasing requirements.

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odds and ends

Spice Importers and Millers offers a variety quality ingredients for the bakery, catering and food processing industries.

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